Dangerous Goods Storage Containers


Dangerous goods storage containers are modified shipping containers that serve the purpose to store and transport 'Class 3' dangerous goods and are designed to meet Australian Standards. Our 3m and 6m standard dangerous goods containers are outfitted with an internal safety door handle, ventilation, bunded floor section (to allow for environmentally friendly waste disposal) and a lockable stainless steel valve that unlike our competitor’s is fitted under the rear sill, ensuring the safest and easy method of waste disposal. Our standard dangerous goods containers not only provide solutions for Hazardous (Dangerous) goods, they can also provide a vital storage space for non-hazardous (Dangerous) materials where there is a possible risk associated with spillage.

Dangerous goods shipping container range

Dangerous Goods Container Specifications

  • Full Painted Premium Grade Container
  • Fully welded steel flooring
  • An RHS floor frame
  • Front steel bund wall
  • With all appropriate plates & signage
  • Non-spark industrial mesh floor covering
  • Internal safety handle
  • Lockable valve tap
  • Weather proof vents
  • Double opening doors
  • Optional safety signage
  • Australian Made
  • Storage capacity of approx 4,000 litres
    (3m unit)
  • Storage capacity of approx 10,000 litres
    (6m unit)