Accommodation Shipping Container


Portable accommodation units are modified shipping containers, retro-fitted with functional accommodation accessories. These accommodation containers are transportable and comfortable to live in temporarily or permanently. They are fitted with power and lighting and can be accessorised to suit your requirements. Our accommodation units are perfect for worksites that need on-site accommodation for there workers, holiday dwellings in remote areas, and container homes. Container homes are becoming increasing popular in this new age of sustainable living, as our accommodation units are constructed from recycled shipping containers. We can design a portable accommodation shipping container to your specific needs. Our accommodation containers have a large range of optional accommodation accessories such as security doors and windows, kitchenettes, air conditioners, ensuites, shelving,fixed tables, bulkhead walls whirlybirds and vents plus manny more accommodation accessories available. Our mobile accommodation units can be made to order and delivered directly to your site.

Accommodation container

For a full list of accessories click on our shipping container accessories page.